Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hello Everyone

Wow isn't the time flying, less than 3 weeks to go now. I have a few announcements today,

- I will start with the yucky stuff 1st. Full Payment of $375 is now due. Please pop in and see us or give us a call with your payment 3378 7257. Thank you.

- The stock for the classes is starting to arrive, stay tuned for the date for the pre-retreat evening, as soon as we can confirm that all stock is on its way we will set a date. It may now only be the last week before we go. But please stay tuned for that.

- We are now taking bookings for the massages. Bookings are essential so the our massages can plan their days. The cost is $22 per 20 minutes and you may have as many 20 min sessions as you like. Please note the massages are paid for in cash, direct to the massagers. oops forgot to tell you, they are planning on being with us for both days, Friday and Saturday, if we get enough bookings.

- And last but not least, Drumroll please .........we have decided we are going to bring back the Fancy Dress Evening. So I am thinking right now you are laughing with hysterics and excitement thinking of past Fancy Dress nights or you are thinking "Oh no, not again".

This retreats theme will be ........ "Your Wedding"......... so some hints for your fancy dress would be a Bridesmaid dress gone wrong, or even gone right, and maybe even your own Wedding Dress, we would love to see that. I can guarantee you that we will have our very own Scrapbook City Wedding hehe . For everyone keen to dress up (and of course you dont have to if you dont want to - we do also need an audience) you must be prepared to model your beautiful dress, i believe we may be having an appearance from Trinnie and Susannah again. OH NO.

If you haven't been before, it is all good fun, we just love having laughs at Scrapbook City.

And of course we will have some prizes, stay tuned for info on those.

- and finally please let me know if you haven't already about the challenge kit. Last day for the sale of those will be Wednesday 22nd September.

Can't wait to see you all soon


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  1. Oh, wow, I wish I was going, I have my wedding dress in the cupboard and have not gotten it out in AGES!!!